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Its all about the posture …

It is said that in order to create an emotional state three factors come into play. Mental focus, Breathing and posture

Mental focus 

Where is your mental focus at ? What are you thinking about and how are you thinking it ? When we talk about the how, in NLP terms we are thinking in terms of modalities (Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic), what pictures do we make in our minds, what sounds (voices) do we hear, and what feelings do these thoughts generate ?


How we breath is so very important, breath takes oxygen into out lungs to enrich the blood suply and to fuel the mind and body. SO many people have terrible breathing, it is one of the things i see most in my work with people with social anxiety. Bad breathing causes bad states of mind.


How we stand how we sit, not only conveys a message to others but also helps create a physical and mental state of being. Think about the times you look at someone and say “they look down” or “hes standing tall and proud”. The posture we adopt has a massive impact on the way we feel. Think about the times you have felt sad and compare your posture with the times you felt strong and confident.

To think about this in a slightly mathematical way

Posture + Breathing + Mental focus = Emotional State

Typically with a person suffering anxiety the posture will be rounded around there chest (where they feel the anxiety) there breathing will be short and fast and there mental focus will be fast and panicky (maybe making picture of people looking at them, with a little scared voice rattling away inside).

Now if we only change one of these things it can have a massive impact not only on the resulting state but also the other two components. 

At happy-minds.co.uk I train people mostly in the ways of taking control of the mental focus, and i enjoy watching the impact it has on the posture and breathing. However I would recommend for those interested in complete control of there emotional state to learn a discipline that focuses on breathing and posture as well as mental focus. There are of course many out there tai chi, hatha yoga, any martial art.

One of my very dear friends a year or so ago started to learn Kundalini yogo, and has now moved on to becoming a Kundalini teacher. It has been a joy to watch her strengthen both emotionally and physically and her passion for what she does more than matches my own passion for what I do.

“Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness” while this is all true, i would recommend Kundalini for anyone who wishes to learn more about breathing and posture and lives around the Glasgow area you should check out her website (contact her for more details)


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