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I know because I must know… it is my purpose

Like most people I know. I know I am internet addicted. The increasing time I spend in the virtual world makes up more and more of the ‘person’ I am. My photos are stored in a virtual cloud space, i connect to the majority of my friend in the virtual world. Recently I have re connected with extended family members over facebook.  This coming year I plan to move more of my business activity on line and continue to contemplate the effectiveness of training people over the internet.

A recent client was telling me about how you can look back on your search history and even create a google trends analysis of what you have searched for and when. It sounds fun and for many a dark night of the soul and for others a skip down a virtual memory lane.

Google knows more about me than George Orwell’s the Ministry of Information could ever of known about Winston (George Orwell 1984). We all willingly plug google with as much personal information as we can, it knows about my health fears, it knows about my hobbies, where I eat, my plans for the future, the darker desires of my mind and any other thing I have typed into it over the years. Google knows more about me over the past ten years than I can even remember. Like Orwell’s vision we all have miss information boxes and even cameras feeding us and feeding them with a growing amount of disinformation.

In the film the Matrix, a vision of the human race enslaved to the machines, connected via a computer terminal plugged into there mind via a socket on the back of the head, its a scary vision. The fact remains tho, we do not need machines or a totalitarian state to ‘plug us into the machine’ we are willingly doing it ourselves.

I saw the ‘zeitgeist’ films recently one of the visions they say the so called evil powers that be are working on is a chip, implanted into our wrist, that tracks our movement, controls our financial status, contains all our personal data will be forced upon us in the name of freedom. How does this differ from my smartphone, which i willingly cary around with me, that stores who I am, what I think, knows where I am going and even tells me how to get there. Th truth is we need no chip to give up who we are, we are already doing it.

I have no belief in a all powerful evil group that controls our destiny, that is shaping to remove my freedom from me. Its much more simple than all of that, its human nature that is shaping this new world, we are willingly becoming enslaved to the machines, to systems of control, we give up our information gladly so that we can live a more convenient and technologically entwined life.

One day we will work in this virtual world, we already spend money and our leisure time there, and if someone invented a human implant where we could just connect ourselves up to the net via a USB port or something similar, we would gladly stick it into the back of our heads and live forever in a virtual world, experiencing virtual success, virtual fitness, virtual sex and if it was as real or better than the world we live in would it matter ?

I have no idea. Are all things not just an illusion ? So would it matter if we created a virtual existence that could feel more real.
Where in the virtual world are we heading ?

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