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Serendipity – I love it – part 1

The other day while perusing through my facebook threads I came across a book recommendation. The person who recommended the book does not recommend books often so i thought “this is interesting” mainly because it was on a topic I have been thinking about a lot for the past few months. Not having much on that day I decided to go into town (although i live in a city and not sure this is the correct term, maybe i went into the city(that sounds wrong). Any way i went shopping).

The closest bookstore to me is Waterstones. I actually checked on line prices first and deciding that I could save myself a pound buying on line, there is something lovely and wholesome about going to a book store. The rows of book, the smell that you only get in a book store, have you ever noticed the smell in a new book store is similar but different to the smell you get in a second hand book store. Less musty i guess, the smell of fresh knowledge waiting to be absorbed, is different to the second hand smell of books that have already given themselves to someone. We recently bought a Kindle, it does make me sad to think that books are departing from my life but I am also exceptionally excited about the Kindle its a lovely little device. So here I am in Watterstones, wondering if they employ people who look bookish, or if people employed in bookshops become bookish over time, as the invisible radiation of knowledge seeps into there very core changing and altering the very fabric of who they are.

I go up to the floor where i suspect i am most likely to find my book but i dont have time to browse so i go over to the very first ‘bookish’ assistant i can find, and simply ask him if he could check if the book is in stock. As i am telling the assistant the authors name, he completes it “Jonah Leher” now i could of just shrugged this of as a coincidence, but i was feeling a bit more enquiring so ask

“do you know every book, or is this a particularly important book ?”

It turns out my new bookish friend is quiet a big fan of the author in question and he goes to some length to explain the authors theories, his life and importantly that there is a talk on TED by the author. Wonderful ! I thank him for his time, pay for my book and head out the door.

As I wander home, I wonder to myself just whats the chance of this happening ? i dont really care to work them out, but i do believe i would be a fool not to watch the said talk, to not pay attention to this serendipitous moment, lets believe for a minute that this is serendipity in action a chance coincidence that  will lead me to discover something wonderful maybe about myself maybe about where I am going in life. It may even lead me to making better decisions (the book and talk is on the science of good decisions.

So if by chance random or design something crops up in your life and you think “funny, i was just talking/thinking about that” why not follow the rabbit for a bit and see where it takes you, who knows it might be a message from some higher plane prodding you along in the direction you are meant to be going in. Its the flow of life leading you to your own personal destiny, its serendipity in action. Or at the very least its a random happening that you unconscious mind thinks important enough to mark out for you. Pay attention its happening all the time.

and if you have stumbled across this and your reading thinking I know the name Jonah Lehrer, here is the first part of said talk, If your reading this and your suffering anxiey/scocial or other wise you will find more out about me and my work at


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