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Having the life you deserve

Do you deserve the life you once dreamed of ?

Sometimes in life you take stock of things and start to notice all the things that are missing, maybe you compare it to the life you had dreamed of living and realise that there are a few things lacking, that maybe it just does not feel right.
For whatever reason you never quite got to the place that deep down you still believe you deserve to be, maybe it was circumstances that got in your way or lives inevitable hurts and misshapes that knocked you of your path.
Now you could be one of those people, who decide that things are just never going to be attainable and life isn’t quite as wonderful as you once hoped it was going to be. Or you could begin to realise that there is more beyond these thoughts, that in fact just because you lost your path or stumbled a few times its OK to begin to believe that there is more everywhere. Sometimes its enough to look inside and ask your self what is it you truly want in life, what can make you happy because we spend so much of our time thinking about what could of been and not enough imagining what can be.
Dream about who you can be
How would it be different if you began to forget about who you could of been and start allowing yourself to dream about who you can be and how you can make your life better everywhere, in lots of little ways.
If you where to imagine all the little ways you can begin to make your life better, pretty soon you will realise that your life can almost instantaneously begin to appear brighter and better and will grow with a staggering rate towards the life you deserve it to be.
Sometimes we need to see beyond the problems and old limitations of the past towards the bright and more fulfilling life each and every person deserves to have.
Sometimes the single thing that stops people moving forward is old anxieties about the past or there situation. Learning to cope and dissolve anxiety can have a life transforming effect beyond what most people can even imagine. Anxiety and negative emotions hold people back, removing these tiny feeling that you yourself are creating can unlock a new dream and a new life beyond what you have up until now allowed yourself to dream about.
Anxiety is easier to overcome than most people think and the rewards for doing so goes beyond just freedom to feel anyway you want to and to experience the life you truly deserve to have.
Remember this is your life and you should be able to see you deserve to enjoy it the way you want to live it.
I believe every person deserves to enjoy living life free from anxiety/fear/stress or any other negative emotion I hope you understand that its never too late to go for it, to reevaluate an old dream or to create new goals and ambitions and believe you do deserve it. Raise your expectations and you will begin to create a ripple within your unconscious that tells you now is the time to go for it and let yourself enjoy thinking about the life you deserve to have.

Andrew Milne
tranceformation coach

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