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Why is self help a dirty term ?

I would say I work within the self help world.  At happy minds I provide clients with powerful techniques, so they can learn how to help themselves, In fact I would say without a doubt the most popwerful thing we do at www.happy-minds.co.uk is equip clients with the ability to solve the issues that plague them. I like to give value to my clients and I believe this is achieved through equipping them with the techniques and tools to in effect become there own therapist. For me on my own personal journey this was the most empowering thing. If you have the tools for example to over come any anxiety then you can truly help yourself.

So why is it that the term self help, is met with a derisory sneer by so many ? Self help book are one of the biggest selling book genres, but there hidden away, mostly lying unread. I am proud to say as well as studying formally, I have plowed through many self help books, gleaming little pieces of knowledge from each, of course there is little substitute for learning from someone in the business, but what could be more empowering than discovering something yourself ?

Is it because to admit you are learning ‘self help’ or ‘self improvement’ is to admit you have a problem an issue that needs to be dealt with. Is that such a bad thing ? I certainly feel stronger for saying that in my life there has being problems both mental and physical, sometimes I needed to ask others for help, sometimes I found ways to help myself, I have studied NLP, Hypnosis, I use self hypnosis on a daily basis, the techniques I have developed and use with my clients I have used upon myself and will continue to.

I say to each client that I have, that the journey they are on and there desire to tackle there own problems and issues mark them as a much braver and stronger person.  Nearly every person has at some time or other had an emotional issue or ‘mental health’ issue to deal with. Most unfortunately bottle there emotions, or disregard there issues. It is the strong and bold that tackle the issue, by seeking help be it in a ‘self help’ book or coming to see a specialist.

If we look at the term ‘self help’ what does it mean to help self ? Is it a bit of DIY for the mind ? The great therapist Milton Erickson   pointed out that the client has the answers, so why not equip the client with the tools to help themselves. Is it a substitute for psychotherapy ? I would say no, its more powerful than that.  It breaks the chain of reliance upon the therapist. Psychotherapy creates reliance and even Freud himself said a brake though would take 6 years. My gosh if I took that long my clients would be sick of me, it would however be good for the bank balance ! …. makes you wonder uh !

If you take time to study the most successful people of our time, you will find that they have empowered themselves with knowledge, techniques, rituals that must surely be described as self help.

I am reminded of the Chinese proverb  ”If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meal. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life” I like to think this is what we do at happy minds, and every person who embarks on a quest to discover the joys of ‘self help’ should feel proud that they are teaching themselves to fish, fish the problems and limitations of there mind.

Andrew Milne

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