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Social anxiety shy away

  • Do you suffer from fear, or butterflies in your stomach when you are around people?
  • Do you avoid situations where you know people are?
  • Do you want to be able to talk effortlessly and to enjoy social situations while being yourself?

Imagine for a moment

  • overcoming all your fears
  • being able to enjoy peoples’ company
  • being able to express yourself easily
  • feeling confident within yourself
  • having a positive self image
  • being able to make friends easily

The Happy minds freedom from Social Anxiety or Shyness Program will enable you to do this and more!

We get you over your fears easily using a variety of techniques and then we train your mind to react positively to situations you would have avoided in the past.

This will work no matter what level you want to achieve, from simply talking to other people to giving presentations or performances.

Why does the Happy Minds Program work so well?

The Happy Minds Program to overcome shyness and social anxiety is ground breaking in its effectiveness because it was developed from truly understanding what it is like to be socially anxious and shy. We understand your fears, and we also understand your needs.

Delivered to you in a warm, supportive and friendly way, this easy, enjoyable and wonderful experience is a unique opportunity for you to change your life and be the person you know you can be.

You will be guided expertly to:

  • Learn techniques that will enable you to remove any fears and be able to face any situation.
  • Learn secrets of rapport building and how to attract people to you and make lasting connections.
  • Learn the importance of posture and body language for creating a wonderful complete self-image
  • Learn the secrets of positive self-talk and how to use language to understand yourself and other people
  • Learn how to enjoy being around people and how to be incredibly happy within yourself.

Take your time to decide now that you have the opportunity to rid yourself of this problem. Take action and contact Happy Minds to book your first session.

"I'd suffered years of shyness and social anxiety and thought I always would. Then I discovered the Happy Minds program. All of my symptoms - the sweating, the shaking, the churning stomach, the fear, have disappeared. Now I feel so much more comfortable in company." Carina Morrison, Occupational Therapist, NHS


Price List :Shy Away

Package Sessions Total time Price Extras
Shy : One 8 16 hs £650.00  
Shy : Two 6 12 hrs £500.00  
Shy : Three 4 8 hrs £350.00  
Shy : Four 1 2 hrs £100.00  
Shy : Introductory session 1 1.5 hrs £50.00  


Book an introductory session for only £50.00 and we can discuss which of these packages will suit your individual needs the best.

We prefer to train you in your own home, since this is where you are more comfortable. However we can also accommodate the training at our location in the West End of Glasgow. Please contact for more details.

Now contact and let’s discuss how.....



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